Aikido’s Teachings

Aikido is a martial art, full of power of which is rarely seen. From a self-defense aspect it can end an attack suddenly, severely and decisively or dissipate it with the gentleness of a soft breeze. Its unique approach is to blend with an attack, rather than clash with it.

The attack is redirected safely away into a throw or pin. Aikido’s circular, flowing techniques are fun, effective and can be learned by anyone regardless of size, age, or gender.

Men, women, children and seniors all find it appealing, because Aikido teachings are not based on pitting one’s strength against another’s. Members learn to defend themselves without exhibiting violent or aggressive behavior. Self esteem, concentration, awareness and focusing power are enhanced. Balance and calmness are therefore maintained in all situations.

This state of being is carried off the mat into the activity and interactions of daily life. Aikido has no contests or competitions. It is based on mutual respect, cooperation and friendship. Its philosophy, ideals and ethics are inseparable from actual Aikido training. Aikido develops an overall awareness and skill that allows the choice of a wide range of appropriate responses.

It helps develop a strong yet supple, relaxed body as well as a calm, clear mind. At its highest level, Aikido is a welcome alternative to violence. In the words of the founder, “Aikido is the loving protection of all beings.” It provides a powerful inner peace, which can be passed onto others.